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  • 29 December 2019
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Dear Madam/Sir,

My phone asked suddenly about pincode (It was on). I entered more than 10 times but it says it is wrong code (every 30  sec I could enter pincode 3 times). I wanted to try via PUK which I have it on my simplel. Unfortunately phone doesn’t ask me about PUK. However, I read that after 3 times wrong pincode it should ask PUK.

I was wondering how I could I unlock my mobile phone.

My number is 06xxxxxxxx

Thank you in advance.

Maryam Hosseini



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Dear hosseini_s,


Your problem is not simcard related but is related to settings  of your phone. It is a screen lock. 


Because I don't know what phone you have my advise is to use Google about how to remove a screen lock. Doesn't help that then your last plan is a hard reset.


And the next time you are on a public area don't  write personal information (a phonenumber), because of privacy reasons.