Sim not working abroad

  • 13 November 2021
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I'm currently in Italy which is in zone 1 in the EU and yet I'm not able to make any calls. My data is also not working. I have also followed all the steps to enable data abroad such as enabling roaming, changing APN settings. I have even restarted my phone a couple of times and still nothing works.

It would be of great help if this could be fixed as soon as possible and I'm pretty much stuck without mobile services.

Thank you


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Buon pomeriggio @Angadkhurana28,

Very understandable that you are stuck without your services.

However, via the Community I can’t access any of your details to check what is going on. I advise you to reach out to us through one of your direct customer service channels. Also be sure that the roaming setting of your phone plan is set to active because roaming can be switched on and off via your phone but also in your Mijn Simpel account. Both need to be switched on to be able to roam.

Kind regards,