Can I call French and Italian numbers that are in The Netherlands?

  • 22 May 2023
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I have some friends with French and Italian numbers that are living in the Netherlands, but I have my ceiling activated and the calls are automatically rejected. Therefore my question is, if I deactivate the ceiling and call those numbers, will I be charged the abroad rate even if they are in NL? 


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Hey there @eladesales,

Welcome to the Simpel Community!

That sounds like a fun diverse group of friends 😁. As you remarked, calling from the Netherlands to foreign countries will result in extra costs on your invoice. Even though your friends are currently in the Netherlands, calling to their non-dutch phone number falls outside your bundle and you will be charged the abroad-rate for those calls. This is because the use of their landcode (other than +31) will trigger the use of their original network. 

Lifting the Plafond will make it possible to call them, however, it's handier to just let them call you or to use other ways of calling like WhatsApp 😇.

Have a nice day!

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